INO Flail Mowers.

The huge range of INO Flails & Mowers feature models to suit nearly all applications. The design of the INO range has been developed over many years with expert engineers and production teams to give us a robust, strong and reliable product with a 2yr warranty.

INO flail mowers are all fitted with the PATENTED “MULTI SPIRAL ROLLER” this uses up to 24% less energy than our competitors, therefore a small HP tractor is only required to power INO flail mowers.
The range consists of over 60 different flail mowers allowing them to be used in many different sectors such as : ORCHARDS, VINEYARDS, AGRICULTURE, HORTICULTURE, FORESTRY, MUNICIPALITIES

The range does not only include rear and front mounted machines but also boasts a large range. Mechanical or/ Hydraulic offsetting is available on most machines. Also a range of fully hydraulic offset verge & ditch mowers.

INO also offer other products again to the similar sectors as the flail mowers. The range of spreaders covers everything from sand/salt & fertilser. The range starts from 50L up to 2,500L spreaders, with some unquire features such as the Ferti-2 has a tipping hopper allowing the user to fully clean the machine.FERTI-2 also boast of its DLG focus test.

Also in the portfolio is an extensive range of precision seed drills aimed at Horticulture and Agriculture industry using the BECKER Overpressure system ensuring precise seed placement at 14 kph.

AEROMAT range of Precision seed drills = 2-18 rows, with many different variants including options such as the INOTRONIC PS 200 for monitoring the amount of seeds sown. See link to find out more SPREADERS/SEED DRILLS


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check out the INO Flails at SALTEX, including the BOXER flail collector.  Our team are on hand to assist and answer your questions.

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