Carre Farm Machinery

A wide range of cultivators, drills and meadow maintenance machinery.  Agritechnica hosted the launch by Carre of it's stunning new Strip Till the 'INRO' and the Carre Prairial, a true 3 in 1 regeneration harrow shows proven results across the UK.  Call now for further information or demo's.

Mechanical Weeding from CARRE

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Jul 22, 2016

Harvest has started!!

With Combines starting to role in some parts of the UK , its now time to consider Cultivation of the land. With many machines availble we also have a number of tined cultiavtors to offer. However our flagship machine has to be the Carre PENTERRA.

PENTERRA - demo machine availbe is a 6m trailed unit, complete with 5 rows of tines and double U roller. 5 rows means dealing with trash is not a problem and with its large deepth control wheels allows the PENTERRA can work at a very controlled depth SHALLOW or DEEP.


Jan 7, 2016

Nov 16, 2015
New INO flail,collector

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