the tuchel road/yard  brush range.....

Sweep ECO

This machine has especially been designed for all demands in agriculture and its price-performance ratio is really convincing. You can attach the ECO to your tractor or yard loader, but also to small fork-lifts. 

Sweep BIG

Differently from all other Tuchel models, the brush on this machine is mounted in front of the large container looking similar to a bucket. This ensures an excellent weight distribution.

Sweep IDEAL 650

This sweeping-machine is suitable for exterior and interior application in industry and construction. The IDEAL distinguishes itself by the special broom which is hung up in a pendulating manner and by its dust-proof casing


This sweeping-machine has been developed in particular for small tractors, communal vehicles and small loaders

Sweep PLUS 590

Thanks to its variety of attachment systems and working widths the multi-purpose PLUS 590 will be almost appropriate for all types of carrier-vehicles.

Sweep PROFI 660

This new sweeping-machine generation is a real all-rounder! The unique 100 % PP-Beeline-Kombi-brush ring system guarantees an excellent sweeping result and high durability


The PROFI GIGANT is your ideal partner for cleaning large surfaces, such as airports, harbour areas, recycling companies or biogas plants.


Equipped with an extra big brush with a diameter of 750 mm and extra big wheels this strong sweeping-machine is excellently suitable for hard work and extreme conditions. 


Because of its low self-weight this sweeping-machine is particularly suitable for front lifting-systems with a low lifting-capacity, such as small tractors and front mowers.


Mounting of this push broom onto your vehicle happens in a twinkling of an eye and it easily sweeps all dirt fast and effective. 

Weed BRUSH WB750

The new hydraulically driven weed brush for wheel loaders, tractors, small communal vehicles and excavators allows you to remove any kind of weed, very easy and effortless, and free of chemicals.

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